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Dark Knight + Sherlock Holmes Sequel Updates! »

Warner Bros. has announced the release date for the next installment of Batman to be July 20, 2012!

Also, Robert Downey Jr. let it slip during an interview that the next Sherlock Holmes movie is starting to move along!!
(Does little dance of excitement) I am dying to see both of these sequels! Tell me what you want to see in the next movies!!

Falling Down The Rabbit Hole… Again »

It has been years now since the original story has taken place, and Alice Kingsleigh is now nineteen years old. She is brought to a garden party (which is actually her engagement party) where she is hoped to accept her marriage proposal from Hamish. She stands, unsure of what to do, while everyone waits for her response. Will she say yes, or no? She is suddenly distracted by a white rabbit in a waistcoat, and dismisses herself, and runs after it. Meanwhile, everyone is left in shock that she ran before making her decision. She chases the rabbit to a large tree trunk, and of course bends over the large whole beneath it. Again she has fall into Wonderland. This time she has a new mission, to save Wonderland from the Red Queen, who has taken over.


The story line is quite simple, and a bit obvious. Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, and Alan Rickman, have all returned to star in yet another of his movies.
As usual, Johnny, and Helena did amazing in the movie. The costume, and makeup designs were also perfect for the movie. Each character is dark, but also wacky and funny. When I noticed that The Mad Hatter’s eyes and voice changed with his attitude, I thought it was quite funny! “Hatter!” (Johnny with a small squeaky voice) “sorry”. You’ll understand what I mean if you saw it.

His character was a bit darker then I had expected, but he was still great! So far the movie has made it big in the box office, and it will most likely get even larger! I do recommend this movie! Personally, I didn’t think it was jaw dropping, but it was entertaining! I think it might be one of those movies that I need to see twice in order to let it sink in. I did like it though! So, go and see it! Until next time! Ta ta for now!

Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog »

It’s me again! It’s been a very active month so far, hasn’t it? I haven’t been updating a lot lately because, well, I just don’t have any time to now. I am trying to get more up now though. Anyone who has been watching my blog, don’t stop! I will be putting more up!

For those of you who don’t know who Dr. Horrible is, go watch it! You can search for it on google, and youtube (I will have a link up soon) Dr. Horrible is an aspiring super-villain who is waiting to receive his acceptance into the official league of villains. There are some problems though. In order to get into the league of villains, he must plan a successful evil plot, or, more specifically, kill someone. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been able to do either. Not to mention he also has a crush on the girl from the laundromat, Penny. He isn’t the only one who has a thing for her though. His arrogant nemesis, Captain Hammer, has a unique ability of always getting in the way of things, and has seemingly taken Penny out from under him.

This musical comedy will make you laugh, and dance. Who knew Neil Patrick Harris could sing so well! He has recently also been in Batman: The Brave and The Bold, as the Music Meister. I’m not going to lie. The man has an amazing voice! Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog didn’t have the biggest budget, and it is clearly obvious. For having a low budget, they did very well though. The show will definitely make you laugh and giggle!

Batman 3 Fan Posters »

For those who are curious, and having been searching around for glimpses of what Nolan’s third Batman could possibly look like, get an eye full of these! These are some FAN MADE posters that I stumbled upon a while back when the movie was still only a rumor. These pictures prove that you should never underestimate a fan with photoshop. Just to remind you all, none of these pictures belong to me, and never will. Click the links below to find the original sources and creators!
Riddler Poster Harley Quinn Poster
Screen shot 2010-02-15 at 5.33.06 PM Screen shot 2010-02-15 at 5.30.41 PM
If the owners of these minipulations ever stumble on this, your work is beautiful! You both are extremely talented at what you do! :D There will be more fan posters in the future, so keep an eye out. Which villain are you just dying to see on the big screen? Comment bellow and tell me what you think.


Hi everyone! Im back from the dead with absolutely huge news!
Screen shot 2010-02-12 at 1.25.25 PM
Everyone knows about the Batman 3 rumors that have been floating around for about a year now. personally, I thought they were all ridiculous, and all false. I truly didn’t think that another movie would happen. With the death of Heath Ledger, I thought the company was going to leave the franchise alone. But I was wrong! Batman 3 is a go! It is going to happen! Christopher Nolan revealed that they have started work on the third movie during an interview with the New York Times. No information has come out about the cast. Tell me what villain or villains you want to see! In my opinion (Johnny Depp) The Riddler, Harley Quinn, or a revival of the Joker (most unlikely) would be awesome! Tell me what is on your mind! Who do you want to see?
(Information source)

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas!! »

I thought this was a very appropriate commercial for the holiday, what about you? I love this holiday! It’s my favorite after halloween. Not because of the gifts, I’m not that shallow. It’s more about the feeling of it. I love the sense of joy. It’s hard to explain. Merry Christmas, and happy holidays! I’ll check back in soon for the next movie review, and celebrity news!

(sorry the video is gone…. I’ll need to search for it again, but it might not be up any more seeing as christmas has ended)

Coming Soon.. »

Hey everyone! It’s been a really long time since the last time I posted. Just wanted to let you know I’m still alive! Just wanted to give you a heads up on what I’ll be posting about in the future!

As you can see, my list is very long! If you want me to post about a certain movie, feel free to give me some ideas! Other then that, I wish you all happy holidays!

New Moon Mania and A Taste of Eclipse »

This movie was 100% better than the first. The filming was breath taking! I absolutely loved the style of the filming, and hope it is like that for the rest of the series. Just to let you all know, I love photography, so when I saw the style, I went absolutely nuts. All I could think of were all the possible pictures they could capture. It’s a bit annoying sometimes. I was extremely disappointed with Twilight. No matters, New Moon made up for it entirely! Absolutely wonderful work! Not to mention how hot Taylor Lautner looked. That boy gained thirty pounds of muscle for this movie, and it was all worth it. Picture 2

A new director has done wonders with this movie. The effects were great, and were extremely realistic. The CGI wolves came out amazingly! This movie will definitely not disappoint any Twilight fan. Even if your not a big fan of the first movie, but you liked the book, you will most likely like it. This film sticks very close to the book. The script for this film was also much better. There is a lot of sarcasm, and Bella actually speaks normal sentences without seeming like a bumbling, blubbering fool.

Visit there website Twilight Saga: New Moon.
With all of the hype of New Moon, a teaser poster for Eclipse made it out before New Moon even hit the theaters! With the release date set for June 30, 2010, everyone is already looking forward to it! Take a look at the edgier looking poster!
Picture 3
It’s only seven months away. Keep an eye out for it this summer!

Batman: Dark Knight »

Click the top right corner of my blog to see what happens! If you are a dark knight fan, be sure to grab this too! Also, I have a Dark Knight contest coming up. Just wanted to know if anyone wanted to take part in it before I put it up. Let me know if you want to participate! Leave me a comment!
My review is towards the bottom of the page. Take a look at it!

100 Monkeys Video »

Love, love, love this band!

Let me introduce you to the 100 monkeys! These crazy monkeys have just come out with a video for their song Ugly Girl! I’m not sure how to explain what the genre is, but their music is crazy! I love it. It’s a cool style and sound that will catch your attention.

Ugly Girl music video

This video is absolute madness! I nearly fell out of my seat laughing when I saw the reflection of the man in the mirror. I had actually thought it was a women! Just wanted to add that I thought all the monkeys looked gorgeous all glammed up! The video is hysterical. So be sure to watch it!

check out their new album Grape when it is released!
Picture 2
Visit their website too –> 100 Monkeys